• Strange Radio Bursts From Deep Space Hits Earth In Clusters: Are We Gonna Be Okay?

                      Scientists reported last week that strong burst of radio waves from deep space hit earth in clusters.

                      The research published in the journal Nature stated that the recurrent pulses emitted from the other side of the elliptical galaxy. It was formerly believed to be the alleged FRB’s (fast radio bursts), which is capable of emitting that much energy in a millisecond as sun radiates in 10,000 years span of time.

                      Transient Radio Flashes in the Past

                      First discovered back in 2007, fast radio blasts have been an obstinate, confusing puzzle to crack. Approximately 24 to 25 blasts have been detected and many appear to have been emitted from as much as millions of light years. For many years, the researchers have squabbled over whether these blasts were even substantive or whether these bursts were emerging from the Milky Way galaxy. As more studies streamed in, astronomers progressively began to admit the existence and reality of these bursts and the fact that they were emitted from far away; however the origin of these bursts remained another mystery.

                      Recently, a significant part of the puzzle popped into place when a group of investigators researching an extensive formation of universe caught a blast that included an unusual, indispensable piece of information. Auxiliary to the fact that these bursts emerged from far away, the blast appeared to have moved through an extremely magnetized space zone, indicating that possibly a flashing, intensely magnetic neutron star, called magnetar, could be rotating away from its source.
                      radio flashes

                      Diversified Blast Engines?

                      It is worth mentioning that none of these rundowns are persistent with multiple pulses, leaving researchers confused as to how should they interpret the current statistics.

                      The graduate student as well as the co-author of the paper at McGill Space Institute, Peter Scholz, figured out the clue of the blasts back in November, when he was analyzing the data collected by the Arecibo telescope.

                      According to Scholz, he soon realized that the finding would be immensely significant in the study of fast radio bursts.

                      The Arecibo telescope, which is considered to be the largest as well as most persuasive of its kind, had gathered a total of 10 pulses, all collected within a minute.

                      According to Laura Spitler, who is the principal author as well as a scientist at the Germany-based Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy, these blasts were not only repetitive but their illumination and spectrum also varied from other FRB’s.

                      The current discovery seems to differ from the research published last week in the journal that elucidated that fast radio blasts are caused by one-off convulsions. However, it is now considered that there could be more than one origin of FRB’s.

                      Fast radio bursts can be utilized to further clarify cosmological models.

                      As far as the origin of this particular radio pulse is concerned, quite a few generation mechanisms have been rejected while some of them have been acknowledged. To conduct a fruitful research, the origin of the waves must be conclusively determined.



                    • An Ode To My Beard Trimmer: A Gadget I Love

                      Technology is not only the main focus of my job, but also my personal life. I love technology, gadgets, gizmos, whatever else you want to call them. There is not much that I won’t try if it is technological, and that extends even to my most personal of life.

                      What I`m talking about is a beard trimmer of course! (what else were you thinking?) If you haven’t tried these handy bathroom gadgets, you are missing out. To get you to understand why I`m writing this, here is a little backstory. As a a man in his mid 40s, I just can’t go out completely shaven anymore. It makes me look like I am trying to be young and I personally believe it has a negative effect on the ladies.

                      Therefore, I am always needing to trim down my beard to a stubble length so that I can look both rugged and presentable. The problem was that I was using scissors previously, and it would take like half an hour just to get everything at an even length! Talk about annoying. Then, I was just browsing around online, and I just randomly stumbled on an article detailing these top beard trimmers. Before you think I`m dumb, I just want you to know that I HAVE seen these products around in the pharmacy before, but never really payed attention to them. I thought they were just hunks of junk that break easily and don’t really work well.

                      Damn, I`ve Missing Out

                      I mean, I personally bought the Philips Norelco stubble trimmer, and boy was I impressed. I effectively trimmed down my beard to the perfect stubble length that I always crave for… in guess how long…. 3 minutes. Yes, I pretty much cut down my morning routine by 27 minutes. How crazy is that? This is why I love technology. For a man who boasts and talks about these advancements day in and day out, to have missed out on something so ingenious because of my ignorance truly makes me feel like a caveman.

                      The ease of use on these products is insane that my 5 year old son could trim his little hairs down if he had any. So the point of this, if anything, is to always keep track of gadgets that come out and to at least test them out once. You never know what you’re gonna discover after all! The NY Times did a great article on gadgets you need, so check it out and have some fun.

                      PS: I am going to be running for local office in my hometown, and I won’t be able to update this blog as often as I would like. If you have any inquiries you absolutely need answered, or want to wish me good luck and perhaps drive down here and vote for me, shoot me a message by filling out the form to your right.

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                      We encourage you to browse through the archives of The SuperSpade Blog, read about the creators of this site, and read about the actions we’re taking to better our communities and this nation.

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                      How to end the debate on the ‘Stimulus Bill’

                      by Garlin II

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                      I’m pretty sick of all of the debating and posturing on American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, commonly referred to as the “Obama Stimulus Bill”. All of the partisan rhetoric and time-wasting by Republicans, Democrats, and the President could have been avoided by framing this bill properly and sticking to that frame.

                      The bill is going to pass. No one, not even Conservative critics, dispute this inevitability. It would have passed with little opposition if one thing would have been done differently: if they would have called it from jump a Jobs Bill, not a Stimulus Bill.

                      What’s the difference between a Jobs Bill and a Stimulus Bill?

                      No Congressperson, no matter how much they hate it, can make a justifiable political argument against job creation. Politicians and pundits can, however, make arguments against stimulus. By the way, what exactly is stimulus? Is it spending? Is it tax cuts?

                      President Obama and I think it’s the former, but the problem is there is room for debate. There is room for conservatives to attempt [with some success] to recast this bill as aspending bill, which to hardcore conservatives make it the Devil’s bill.

                      Winning the War on Policy happens when you win the War of Words

                      The President in recent days has gone on the offensive to defend this legislation. This is the right thing to do. What would have been even better to do was not even talk about stimulus plans in the first place, even during the campaign. After all, saying stimulus plan?conjures?up images of the Bush “Stimulus Checks”, which barely evened registered on any scale of positive economic impact. When you describe your plans and policies with the same language as failed plans and policies, it gives people the wrong mental images. And it is those mental images that are crucial for achieving buy-in in politics.

                      I’ll be watching this administration and how it frames policy debates. The Obama team was pretty good during the campaign season at framing. They shouldn’t forget that going forward.

                      One Love. One II.

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                      No more Black History Month?

                      by Brandon Q.

                      What’s up fam,

                      Let me first start out by saying Happy Black History Month. For starters, let me say that I am truly dismayed at the plethora of Black writers that are claiming in large part due to Obama, we should no longer celebrate Black History Month. Obama’s presidency is the culmination, promise, and continuation of Black History. For all the Black people believing this garbage, let’s cut a deal. When Black History is honored and celebrated in our history books and cultural norms as much as White folks, let’s stop celebrating Black History month. Until then, stop propogating the mistaken myth that Obama represents the end of Black history.

                      Stay up fam,

                      Brandon Q.

                      Elections have consequences, right?

                      by Brandon Q.

                      I always get this weird sense that regardless of election outcomes, Republicans find a way to win. If you look at Obama’s charm offensive towards House Republicans regarding the stimulus package, it resulted in no Republican votes. I am sure there will be some Republican votes once the final bill comes out of conference. The larger point however, (with full complicity from MSM) is that Obama has somehow failed because no House Republicans voted for the bill.

                      Last I checked, the Democrats control the White House, Senate, and House so if the Democrats can pass bills without Republican support, why are we so committed to Republican ideas, especially now. To help illustrate, Bob Herbert said in a recent column,

                      The truth, of course, is that the country is hemorrhaging jobs and Americans are heading to the poorhouse by the millions. The stock markets and the value of the family home have collapsed, and there is virtual across-the-board agreement that the country is caught up in the worst economic disaster since at least World War II.

                      The Republican answer to this turmoil?

                      Tax cuts.

                      They need to go into rehab.

                      The question that I would like answered is why anyone listens to this crowd anymore. G.O.P. policies have been an absolute backbreaker for the middle class. (Forget the poor. Nobody talks about them anymore, not even the Democrats.) The G.O.P. has successfully engineered a wholesale redistribution of wealth to those already at the top of the income ladder and then, in a remarkable display of chutzpah, dared anyone to talk about class warfare.

                      I applaud Obama’s efforts at bipartisanship but I hope that Obama’s bad cop is really, really good. In a normal world, Obama’s success won’t be determined by how many Republicans he can win over. I just hope that Obama and Democrats do not feel compelled ?to have to trade away tax cuts for any legislation that they think requires broad bipartisan support. The problem is that tax cuts as an answer to everything is not good public policy. Elections do have consequences right?

                      Stay up fam,

                      Why justice is not enough

                      by Brandon Q.

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                      What’s up fam,

                      Long time I know but I wanted to share some thoughts regarding where we are in history. Like you I was excited to see Obama inaugurated as President of the United States but my heart is still heavy when I reflect on Oscar Grant. Right now I am reading Martin Luther King Jr.’s book entitled, Where Do We Go From Here and it is an excellent read. One of the most powerful ideas is when King makes the argument that America has received justice on the cheap and needs to make a real investment in justice and equality. (more…)

                      A Handicapped Inauguration

                      by Garlin II

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                      No place for the handicapped

                      The Inauguration of Barack Obama was an historic, life-changing, captivating experience for nearly everyone who refers to themselves as a citizen of this country or an?inhabitant?of this planet. Unfortunately, a seat in history’s theater was denied to myself and hundreds of others that wanted to watch the ushering in of an epoch of a renewed American spirit. Amidst the tears of joy, achievement, and progress, existed tears of pain and missed opportunity. Alongside the jubilation, frustration. With triumph, tribulation.

                      I write here to tell my story of the Inauguration. It may differ from most others that have been written, but all accounts are important. I especially want to thank the angels that were in the crowd to help Ellen and I on Inauguration Day.?Warning: this post is very long.


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                      The latest comments

                      • Garlin II commented on How to end the debate on the ‘Stimulus Bill’:
                        For those of you watching tonight’s press conference with President Obama, pay special attention to the number of times he says the word stimulus compared to the number of times he says the word jobs. If he says jobs more, we’re in good shape. If he says stimulus, it’s gonna be a long recovery. Framing matters. Words…
                      • Clarence commented on How to end the debate on the ‘Stimulus Bill’:
                        My thoughts exactly. Stimulus is too broad a term, and from jump provided way too much wiggle room for anyone wanting to oppose it….
                      • Ms. T.Epps commented on No more Black History Month?:
                        This is funny. Nope, down right hilariously. I generally think of these type of people as “not having sight of the big overall picture”. Obama’s presidency thus far signifies a celebrated moment to be marked off the ” 1st Black to” list. This is frame of mind is a) putting all…
                      • Tyler commented on Elections have consequences, right?:
                        I think he genuinely believed that politeness would make the Republicans open themselves up to playing ball. I think that was a mistake. I also think he made a mistake by letting the House Democrats craft the bill, which I think is a mess, and gave Republicans rhetorical cover (“it has too much…
                      • Garlin II commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        @Baratunde, thanks for spreading the word. I definitely want this experience to spur positive, productive action. @marquis-desade, I sincerely hope that we will not limit our efforts to include everyone that desires inclusion. As for the decision to go forward with the trip, there were other factors that I didn’t discuss here. Your analogy fails because…
                      • marquis-desade commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        compassion is an admirable quality… but to what end? how far do we have to go to make sure everyone is included? I chose not to attend in person, and I watched the inauguration on television — from the comfort of my own home — on high definition. sometimes you just gotta bite the bullet…
                      • Baratunde Thurston commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        finally read this, wow. and I thought i had it tough at the oversold Youth Ball line I know this was a sad and frustrating story, but I’m very impressed that you went further than a rant into real analysis. I too have been temporarily handicapped by surgery and injury and I too quickly forget the accessibility…
                      • Olumide commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Man that’s a crazy story. I’m sorry that such an historic day turned into such an unfortunate experience for you. I’m glad you made it out safe with your health intact. I live in the D.C. area and as much as I wanted to witness history, I had to decide against…
                      • Gwen Taylor commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Garlin & Ellen, Your story made me cry also but it also made me proud that I have a man who is like Ellen. We have been married almost 40 years and I have to tell you that after reading your story I really know that I have a friend like Ellen. His…
                      • Angela Blanchard commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Garlin (& Ellen), I am so sorry to hear about your experience. But your story of being a part of this historic day and the love and compassion you two experienced will be a great story to share with your children and grandchildren. Good Luck to the both of you!…
                      • Alfreda Robinson commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Too bad there wasn’t any footage of your ordeal. It should be presented to the Hill because this is a problem for so many that don’t have any support and are in this condition permanently. You are blessed to have Ellen and all was not lost. Even though you did not make…
                      • Garlin II commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Ellen and I thank y’all for the kind words. The experience was bananas, absolutely bananas. We are glad that even though we were pulled away from the Inauguration festivities, we were also pulled closer to one another. @Geno, I also saw the Wonderland portrayals of the event, and for many people it was indeed true. I…
                      • Nicole Taylor commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Garlin, your account made me cry!!! I am so sorry you had such a horrible experience, but as someone else stated, the blessing in it all is that it strengthened your relationship with Ellen and served as a sober reminder of what “love” is truly about. I am so grateful you found such…
                      • Geno commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Amazing! I know how excited you two were about attending, and how fortunate you were to be able to plan such a trip and have it all put together so nicely. So I can only imagine how you must have felt given the events described here. But, this you actually have one of the better…
                      • mojustice commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Your article illustrates why we need more focus on the adherance to the Americans w/ Disabilities Act. We should all be concerned by these issues because as we age, they become more important. Thank goodness for the kind people you encountered who tried to help. We really appreciate your sharing this story and understand…
                      • steven m devougas commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Lord have mercy man. All that. You and the rest are real troopers for even braving it. Obviously though, you were able to see God working for you in the midst of your adversity and it brought you and the future Mrs. Gilchrist closer together. Plus, you lived to tell the…
                      • clarence commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Great story…there is always some beauty in the tragic…….
                      • Suzanne Yada commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Thank you so much for telling this story. Its as wonderful as it is deplorable….
                      • Char commented on A Handicapped Inauguration:
                        Garlin, your story made my teeth chatter. I’m so glad that you and Ellen survived this experience. And that it brought you even closer as a couple….
                      • kd commented on Is There Anything Good About Being Black in America…:
                        I agree with many of your points…however, the whole “class/race” issue is a bogus one. Social stratification of race and class are primary tools that have been used to perpetuate, control and sustain power, wealth AND white supremacy. Class was a social construct develop many thousands of years ago when benevolent kings and some not…
                      • Brentt commented on Is There Anything Good About Being Black in America…:
                        Well, On the 20th of January 2009, there will be a Black person incharge of America :]…
                      • Christine commented on Race Talk in America:
                        Does anyone know the photographer for this picture with the hands? I’d like to get a copy. Thanks!…
                      • Uncle Rosy commented on Color of Change responds to Baisden’s apology:
                        Bamma of the week is George”Wanna be funny”Wilborn{from The Michael “Lying Sex Crazed”Biasden Show} for trying to be funny with weak material that didn’t get him any love 20 years ago on Def Jam….
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                      • Willie McDonald commented on Do you want more Independent TV?:
                        Report: The Truth about Global Warming-The Apocalypse In the future the only thing to eat will be other people …
                      • car hagerty classic insurance commented on Don Imus & The End of Controversial Voices?:
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                      • loans dedt consolidation commented on Unraveling the Duke Debacle:
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                      • Sherry commented on Education reform pt 1: Context:
                        Thanks for your work on Ed Reform in Detroit. Are you aware of any collaborative initatives working on Ed Reform in Detroit?…
                      • Jenny B commented on My Umi Says…:
                        I like this, I really do… Sometimes when I listen to this song I feel free, because I do understand what he means. And God is wonderful to inspire him with this song. And about the flesh talking part, your right about that… Because doing you is just like being selfish and not thinking of others…
                      • Booli commented on My Umi Says…:
                        i like how your takin a muslim rappers perspective and making reference to your christian beliefs! MUSIC UNITES!..